I feel like you just threw me away




Yet days before I was welcome at your door

You said you’d missed me

Wanted to see me more

How do you let go of two and a half years

Just one day decide to not call

With no word of explanation

No verbal proclamations

Just an argument


And then you’re gone

I feel like you just threw me away

Tossed me aside like a bruised old banana

But don’t you know

That the brown is just for show

It still tastes good

Still tastes fresh

Makes for a great pie

I feel like you just threw me away

So much for the I appreciate you compliment

More like I was just passing time

Waiting for someone better

More delectable


But don’t you know that there’s no one better

That I am my unique person, I am me?

I am the one who would cook for you, clean

Take such joy in feeding your fat cheeks

And when I say fat

I don’t mean that you’re chubby

Well yes you could lose a few pounds

But I loved you as though you were perfect

Michaelangelo’s David

My love unconditional

Without bounds

I feel like you just threw me away

Like a piece of gum gotten stuck to your shoe you were quick to eradicate all evidence of me

The detritus of me sticky like glue

But your house is a visual memory of me.

I fill every single room

So even though my physical body isn’t there

I am a presence

An energy

in every room

Pictures and paintings

My lipgloss

A pen

A hair clip

My razor

My toothbrush

My side of the bed

The mattress that’s curved

To the shape of me

Tendrils of my hair

All over


You may have pulled away from me

You may have thrown me away

But I will always be a part of you

Me, your muse, Desiree.


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