I Take You….

He said ….

I told you why, right? I didn’t pursue you because I take you seriously. So I don’t want to start anything with you because … I don’t want you to hate me. I would rather be your friend forever than your lover temporarily. I mean, we could get married, have kids, but I don’t know. I mean. I’ve thought about it. I sometimes regret like maybe I should have just been with you. I would love to be with you. But. You’re too good for me. I’ve thought about it. But I want to achieve more. I mean, I know financially I’m okay. And in a better position than most my age. But I want to achieve more. I want to be more solid. Secure. And now? I’m still in school. For my Masters, yes. But still. And I just, with you. I just look at you differently. You are beautiful. You’re strong. And you obviously take care of yourself. But you have your kids too and I don’t want to be just so so. I don’t want to have you ever hate me or be mad at me. I like you too much for that. I know it sounds corny. But I’ve thought about this a lot. I do that if I am serious about someone. Or take them seriously. And I do, you. You’re just. The whole package. And then I think — it’s kind of like an insecure thing. But also maybe a machismo thing. I think, well, she works there. And I’m sure. Every night you work you get guys hitting on you right? Yes? Yes. I thought so. And so I think – well, wow. I mean, damn. I don’t want them asking her out. I don’t want anyone else touching her (he puts his arm around himself as though giving himself a tight hug). I want to keep you close. So, I don’t know. That’s why. I sometimes regret it. But. If you said yes, and you want to come tonight, come over tonight. I would say okay. And we can be together. You want to be my girlfriend? You want to be my girlfriend? Do you?


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