Lisa is a beautiful woman, her Mother a doe eyed, brown lady, born in India and her father a debonair, white haired, glam man who reminds me a bit of Karl Lagerfeld.

Lisa’s got a spark. She’s like a flame that flickers and glows, her eyes sparkle and she speaks with verve and zest. Even when she eats food she does so with a sense or urgency and unabashed joy. She makes you want to eat too, even if you just ate and are stuffed to the gills.

She was telling me how she was dating this one guy who gave her a staph infection. And she didn’t know she had it and was also seeing another guy and so she inadvertently gave it to that guy. She had to take antibiotics for one month and during that time her Mom passed away and her sweet rescue dog was accidentally allowed to run out of the groomers and into the street where he was hit by a car and died. Soon after that she had to tell the other guy he probably got staph from her and he dumped her. So all this happened at the same time.

It’s a testament to her resiliency that she was able to move onward and upward without losing herself to drugs and alcohol. I understand having a pity party every once in awhile. Sometimes it can be beneficial to take time to just be sad. I mean, if you’re never sad, how can you know when you’re glad? Like, know and understand true joy when you’ve never been so sad you can’t breathe through your nose or see through your tears?


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