a day in the lyft “full circle”

In typical Lyft fashion, I go in circles. Like, literally, I drive in a circle contingent upon my pick up and drop offs. But also there are the circles of conversation.

Like today’s Lyft begins with my first pickup in Manhattan Beach, a passenger without any luggage flying from United to SF. “A day trip,” says Cole, who I find out has a twin brother. Cole went to undergraduate school at Penn State and is now in his third year of Law School at Columbia. His twin, Samuel, opted for UCLA and is now an accountant.

No sooner did I drop off Cole at Terminal 7 than I drove all of three feet to Passenger Pickup F and picked up a mother daughter duo fresh off of an overnight plane from Hawaii via Boston.

As I just mentioned, they live in Boston, which is exactly why the daughter chose to apply for colleges in sunny states, choosing San Diego State to pursue her degree. Do you see the circle?

Cole is from California and he went to school in Pennsylvania and New York.
The daughter went from Boston to San Diego. They are opposites, yet the same.

The Mom and Daughter duo had me travel to DTLA, to Urth Cafe.

Downtown amazes me. I am astounded at how much it is being developed, yet it still has grit and grime that no pressure washer will ever be able to fully dissolve. It’s like trying to cover up a bruise with makeup. If you get close enough, you’ll be able to see the blue black of the bruise coming through the makeup.

They treated me to a Honey Vanilla Latte, and then I was off to take Cynthia to the Convention Center where she had to deal with the powers that be regarding a booth. I learned from her that, “Curators can be assholes.”

Next was Helena, a fun, feisty, and pretty blonde who schooled me on the ways to make money through Social Media, specifically YouTube. She and I had a great conversation that was full of laughs, lasting from DTLA to LAX. In fact, the SAME Terminal, number 7, the very same place where my day began.

Do you see the circle? It is FULL. 🙂


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