Can’t believe. It’s over That last time was truly. The last time.

Your arm reaching around my belly

Your hand resting on my thigh

That Tuesday morning I removed your boxers

Took u inside of my eager mouth 

Eyes closed your weight beneath me 

A satisfied smile upon your mouth 

I climbed on top of you 

No words were spoken

But I like talking to you 

Is what you say 

You’re deep inside me my hips grinding 

The bed an ocean 

It gently sways 

Then you’re above me 

My legs around your waist 

A little side action 

I look into your face 

You’re buried into me

So far

An ungettable get 

My hands on your ass 

I know this won’t last 

That was the last time 

Our final goodbye 

The last time you were above me

I didn’t know it at the time 


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