Music is my Silence


I try to keep my music neutral, opting for the type of lounge/hotel music that tends to appeal to almost all types. 

The type of music that gets your toes tapping but not so distracting as to be too much. 

When I pick up Johan, Miles Davis’s Freddie Freeloader is playing. 

And so begins our discussions of music. 

He said, “I know so much that it’s kind of like watching a movie and reading the script at the same time, sometimes I wish I could just turn my brain off!  And now with the philosophy classes that I take, I think about so many things…I love music, it’s my one time in the day when I can just be calm, like meditation.” 

Speaking of meditation, he likes to listen to “ambient calm on Spotify.”

I dropped him off at LMU. He is the oldest of three boys, mom a classical pianist, he loves jazz. The youngest brother is a junior in high school and the middle son is studying piano at CSUN. He hated piano when first introduced to it, “I wanted to play Power Rangers!” 

Now? He loves it. Twelve years of age was the shift for him. After he leaves my car I park and grab a coffee from the vendor on campus, and walk over to where the campus overlooks the hills of the city. 

The day is still, the sun is bright, not a cloud in the sky because of the wind from the night before. 

I gaze at the city – to the West I see the Pacific, and East I see downtown. It’s so clear I can see Hollywood and the beginning of Century City. It’s so serene and I’m thinking wow, I get to see this! Something so simple, yet so pleasing to see. Similar to the sounds of music, melodies in my ear, the sounds of silence and serenity. 


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