Online School Enrollment


This online school enrollment is definitely easier than standing in a line and waiting your turn, but damn if it isn’t annoying.


You spend 20 minutes completing the form, and if you’re like me you’re constantly getting up to find the insurance ID cards, to scroll through the list of contacts in your phone to try and find the Doctor’s number, the emergency local contact numbers and addresses, and what’s the fucking group number for the Doctor? The zip code? Seriously? Is that really necessary? Like if my kid gets sick at the school, it’s absolutely IMPERATIVE that Nurse Diana knows the zip code to the Doctor!?


And I have two kids, so one enrollment form down, one to go. It’s kind of reminding me of when I put the boys to bed, how just when you think they’re ready to drift off to sleep or actually asleep and you silently tip toe from their room, exhaling that sweet breath of relief at some blessed “Mommy” time, and then you hear a plaintive cry, “MOM! Can you leave the door open just a crack?”


Or, “Mom! Can I have a glass of water? I’m thirsty!”


Or, “Mom! I need to pee!”


Or, ‘Mom! I’m scared!”


All these little platitudes draw you back in, much like the forms for school that you THINK you’ve filled out completely, you click SUBMIT, and then the screen screams at you “Must complete the items in RED that are REQUIRED before submitting.


FUCK! I just want to submit and be done with it, kind of like how I feel when my husband wants to have sex and I’m not in the mood but I know it’s easier to just give in and get it over with than explain exactly how much I am not in the mood.


I’ve spent far more time talking about why I don’t want to fuck that I could have fucked him twice, three times, maybe more!


But I don’t even have a husband so it’s really a moot point. But you get my point!


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