Full Frontal

The ladies have ingenious ways to get out of going full frontal in VIP yet still get the cash that going full frontal pays.  

First you wait until the almost very end of the song before even beginning to pretend to take off your panties. And then you don’t take them off but just pull them down, or to the side, or hook your thumbs on the sides of your panties and pull them down, but not off. Or my favorite was the pull up and squeeze, a move that involves pulling the panties up between your lips so that your lips are almost puckering out from the bottoms, just bursting and anxious to be released. You then move your hand up and down the part of the panties that are tight between your lips, kind of a simulation of stroking a shaft. So the customer sees your kitten box but he doesn’t actually see it. 

Because they WANT to see your lady parts, they want to see the goods. And since they can’t touch you, you have the power and you can touch. But not really. You can side straddle his thigh and move against it, your heat will be felt against his thigh. And that is a definite turn on, one that will most likely make him want another dance. 

But why can’t you take off the panties? Why won’t you? Oh that’s where the smarts come in. You tell him, “Well, I’m just so…turned on…I don’t want to mess up your pants!” Or “I was JUST going to! The song is over!” (sad face).  All with the hopeful inevitable solution of getting another dance. There’s a reason it’s called a strip tease. You’re meant to tease. To withhold and cajole. To reveal yet conceal. That’s the fun of it. Anticipation.  It’s like foreplay before sex 🙂 everyone gets a little more excited and aroused thereby making the experience that. much. better. 


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