Pole Position


I know that the general population is a lot more…open (no pun intended) ever since the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and the subsequent film released in February of 2015.  Certainly in the confines of a gentleman’s club, where your fantasies are, for the most part, supposed to be fulfilled, the girls who work there as dancers are definitely more liberal and receptive to the world of BDSM introduced in Fifty Shades.  Of course those who are REALLY into BDSM argue vehemently that Fifty Shades is a bunch of soft core wanna be porn, the younger and more inhibited sister to big brother Vivid.

The point being that you put a bunch of scantily clad women together into a room with a full bar and time on their hands, add some testosterone into the mix and voila! You’ve got yourself the makings of a PARTAY!


I’ve worked at this particular gentleman’s club for almost 19 years.  During that time I have been a House Mom, a Stripper (although some would say Dancer), a Cocktail Waitress and a Bartender.  I’ve had so many experiences, first hand and secondary, and yet in all my 19 years I have NEVER heard about what happened last night happening.  I almost can’t believe that it did except for the fact that there were THREE women involved, each of whom shared with me on separate occasions the same exact story.  Which I guess doesn’t really mean that it actually happened but why would any woman want to tell this particular story about themselves? Seriously. It’s rather base and downright full of debauchery.

Are you curious yet? 🙂

And yet there are so many more stories, so many more shenanigans to share.  And that’s the point of this blog.  To reveal and repent, to commiserate and connect.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed living them, either directly or vicariously.  The good and the bad, the sad and the mad, all the experiences have made me who I am today, and that I wouldn’t change.


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